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Monday, July 25, 2011

the debt ceiling debate(more drama for Obama)

The current debt ceiling debate, like everything else that has been of issue in America the last three years, has become nothing more than something that can be used by the republicans to create more political drama   for President Obama, no more and no less! For the Last three years we have endured the antics of the republicans as, on nearly every issue, they have acted like nothing less than Drama queens! From the stimulus, to health care, to the Bush tax cuts! You name it and the republicans have raised the drama level to epic proportions! And , indeed how is a president to govern, when each and every issue, brings  out the master thespian, in the oppostion?! The debt ceiling must be raised, this is something that noone can deny, but since, like everything else, its ripe for political theater, it simply means more drama for President Obama! The only question now is ,when will the American people finally start to pan the performance the republicans are continually putting on? Maybe in 2012, we can only hope!

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