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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The debt ceiling solution( a simple guarantee)

Simply put this debt ceiling furor can and should be solved with one simple guarantee from the white house: President Obama should make the public statement that on aug 2, if no agreement is reached in Congress that he will use the power of his office, as consitutionally authorized, to raise the debt ceiling! If he does that, end of story, and end of controversy! That is whats called a "game changer" and at this point it is clear that the game must be changed! The repubicans have had the run of the table, but its time for the President to take action to change the game, the only question is will he? For the sake of the American people, the global economic system and his own personal re-election situation I hope he does! Because to continue to allow the republicans to dicate the debate like this is serving no cause and benefitting noone! Its time for that Guarantee President Obama, because those are words that would be very welcomed by the American people and the nations of the world!

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