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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The new decider(president Obama)

With the debt ceiling issue spinning further and further out of control, and with the financial health and global prestige and status of the USA at risk, it is clear that president Obama must become what his predecesor, GW Bush declared himself as, he must become "THE decider" in this debt celing matter. For while the republicans are clearly to blame for this politically motivated debacle, it is the president's duty to solve it!Like him or not, Bush was elected to 2 terms as president because he was seen as a leader and seen as in charge, he was indeed seen as "the decider" and that is a role that President Obama must assume here and now! The president Must be president, he must be seen at the lead in control , in charge!Because that is what is clearly missing in this debt ceiling issue: clear and decisive leadership! Our global prestige is falling along with our credit rating and while the tunnel visioned republicans are not seeing that, it must be seen by the president, and he must take action! commit   to leading mr. president, instead of waiting for compromise!!! That is how things get done!!!!

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