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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Give em a inch------!

As the negotiations for the debt ceiling are being undetaken, it is clear that the lessons of the 2010 elections were completely lost on  the Obama white house. And the lesson that should have been learned is that if you give the republicans one political inch, they will take the entire political mile! From day one they have told this president, in no uncertain terms, that they intend for him to fail, but with the understanding of their relationship  and intentions being clear and present President Obama continues with his 'reaching across the aisle"! How chamberlainesque! Do the words "giving away the store" mean anything to our president? He puts the poor and seniors on the table, while the republicans steadfastly stand behind the rich? Who do you think is really winning this political war mr. president? When the architects of disaster essentially have you taking the blame for their failures, its time to reassess!
2010 should have been a wake up call to the Obama administration politically, but it is clear that they are still sleep walking politically, and unless things change and soon, Michelle Bachman may be proven a prophet! Because Barrack Obama, due to his continually giving political ground, will be a one term president!!!

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