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Friday, July 29, 2011

The debt Ceiling, A simple guarantee, part II

As the Debt ceiling Impass continues to slough along, and with the quality of life for the american people in danger and question, I call once again, for President Obama to take control of th situation, and guarantee to the American people that there will be no default! Because No American should spend a sleepless night or day due to this political madness! Clearly the Tea party is a monster of republican making,  a out of control monster at that, but the republicans will pay the price for that. But the American people should not be harmed due to the empowerment of a lunatic fringe! Because while they are crowing about the future, people are being harmed right now!!!! SO I, once again, demand that President Obama guarantee to the American people that a default will not be had on his watch! And In referance to the political cost or benefit of taking such a action, here's a potential campaign sound bite:" and when the republicans threatened to force America into default for political gain, it was President Obama who took action insuring that seniors and veterans social security and benefits were uninterupted  and that Global financial catastrophe was avoided!" This action, one simple Guarantee, is a sure fire political victory! But more important than that is the security of not only the American people, but our Status and the perception of same worldwide! So again I say to the President, do what must be done! Take the lead! And make that guarantee! The American people will thank you for it, both now and in 2013!

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