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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perception is Inception!

As the president too to the airwaves yesterday state his economic case, I was hoping that this was the first salvo in the battle that must be fought!  The battle Im speaking of is the one for the perception of the issues that of concern to Americans. The president must find the inception to change the current perception about his economic policies, because the current American perception is a republican one! He must change the debate, change the words and wording, indeed change the entire issue  landscape! He must drum it into the publics mind( as the republicans have done up to this point, that he is not trying to raise taxes, he is simply trying to rescind tax cuts for the rich! He muast remind the american people that it hasnt gotten worse, he prevented from being the catastrophe it could have been! Thought is perception and and the perception of the american people is and will become political reality! So It is now up to The president, if he wants to lead this nation for another term, to begin the inception that will create a positive perception of himself and his policies in the minds of the American voter. Because if he doesnt, the limbo of the one term president awaits him!

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