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Sunday, June 5, 2011

is and what could be(2012)

Firstly let me say, Sarah Palin will be the republican nominee, and for all of the political hoo-hah against her now, when the media turns(and trust me it will) and she, as the nominee has to deal with the mainstream media, and vice versa, she will be a valid candidate! Her Bush/Ford clumsy media moments aside, she has the personality, and public recognition and appeal , something that the rest of the Republican field totally lacks! So I will make the first political prediction of the cycle here, it will be Sarah Palin vs Barrack Obama in 2012! And that like it or not, is a story in itself! As far as the Jobs issue goes, it is simply a matter of telling it like it is! Republican policies have been and are the architect of this jobs deficit, and they want to continue the policies that created it and maintain it. The only question will Obama and the democratic party call it like it should be seen and tell it like it is, or will they let the republicans as they did with "Obamacare" paint a skewed picture?
And let me also say this, Obama's pretty boy swag aside, if he is not careful and serious, he can and will be defeated in 2012! Pretty boy swag will not be enough this cycle and, once the smoke clears ,and the republican candidate and their message is refined,   this will be a race like no other, count on it!

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