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Saturday, June 4, 2011

the JOBS Issue

As the presidential elctorial cycle begins to take shape , it is clear that the JOBS issue will be one of primary concern in america and to american voters, and it will also be clear that whomever articulates themsleves the most succintly on the jobs issue is the party and person who will hold power in America in 2013!  The facts are quite clear, we have a economy that has stagnated due to greed, and lackadisical actions from american leadership. We have allowed corporate america and our economic competitors to virtually get away with murder so to speak, at the american consumers expense! For while we are the number one sellers market, we are the last choice for  buisness development and Jobs! And while we continue to bend over backward with tax cuts, subsidies, job incentives and the like, it seems to never be enough. And that is the question: When will enough be enough? The Bush tax cuts, which were supposed to spur "job creation" have been in effect for over 10 years now! And how high is american unemployment? So how can any candidate argue for further tax cuts? The fact is they dont work, they never have and they never will! So, how do we create jobs in America?How do we bring back corporate operations? Simply put by doing what should have been done a long time ago, get tough on the sellers and the profiteers! Again we are the NO 1 market in the world, and rather than have people dicate to us about taxes and how they cant afford to do buisness in America, it's time that we stress, in word and in deed, that you cant afford not to do buisness in America! How long will we continue to allow corporate america and the developing world to bite the hand that feeds them? The jobs issue is THE major challenge that all the candidates who will be running for president will face on the camapign trail and I can guarantee, the candidate who talks about these facts that I have cited and not the same old failed status quo of tax cuts and  better education, will be the one who gets the most traction on the issue! American made and America first, that should be the watchword in every boardroom from wallstreet to hong kong, and in every commerce dept from berlin to bejing! Its time for America to stop taking a back seat to the rest of the world, and its time for America to stop flagelating itself for the failures and unfair buisness practices of corporate  America and the developing world! We tried to be a good global citizen, and plain and simple we are getting screwed over! Enough is enough and the LEADER who adressess the job issue as it is  will be the Leader for and in the future of America!

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