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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Issues please!

Ok let me say to those who keep focusing on the trivial and the tabloid in politics today, be it Sarah Palins gaffes, or Anthony Weiner's weiner, enough already! There are more important things that we as a nation need to be focusing on!And to be frank the media is doing us a disservice by focusing on such trivialities when there are real issues of concern for every American! Issues that demand addressing, and issues that the media should  have center stage, not Sarah Palin fumbling historic referances or Anthony Weiner's over active libido! Issues please! I thought we learned our lesson during the lewinshky nonsense. Because while we were being distracted by all that nonsense, Bill clinton was becoming one of the most successful president's in US History! Imagine if he had allowed tabloidism to drive him out of office! Enough of tabloid issues andsilly journalism, Issues(and sarah for the love of God, stay focused on the issues please!) Not who's chasing what skirt or whatever!( and Congressman weiner remember MOB!Money over Bytches! you were within sight of gracie mansion, and you throw it away over P-ssy? Not worth it!!)but Weiner and Palin aside, it is the media who is most at fault here, because this triviality continues to detract and distract from the issues. Im sure the millions, AND millions, of unemployed dont care about mr. weiners weiner! Im sure the millions, AND millions worried about their social security arent concerned about Sarah Palins view of American history! To paraphrase one of the great sayings of the 20th century :It's the issues stupid! And it's long overdue for the mainstream media to stop catering to the jersey shore and jackass mentality in us! These are serious times, and we need a greater focus on serious issues !Not who got caught with their pants down, or with their foot in their mouth! Issues please!

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