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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weiner, and debates, and palin oh my!!

So Rep weiner is taking a leave from office. clearly he needs it, because he has to be shell shocked and traumatized, but the soridiness of his situation aside( and make no mistake IF he is indeed involved with underage girls he has to go) the democrats need to somehow learn about Unity and standing together! one of the things that irks me the most about my dems is that they never put up a fight when they should and allways when they shouldnt! Can you imagine how hard the repubs would have fought for weiner if he were a republican? If the dems would have fought for health care as hard as they are fighting weiner, the 2010 electorial debacle would have never happend! as for tomorrows presidential debate simply put much ado about nothing, but the dems need to get aerious about the coming battle and NOW! cause Obama is not a lock, despite the weak republican field, and speaking of which, How the worm has turned, Sarah Palin is fast going from joke to serious political contender , to the dismay of all1 Sarah Palin in 2012? OH my!!!

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