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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the theatre of the absurd!

Stenny hoyer hit the nail on the head yesterday with his comment about the republicans engaging  in political theatre when it comes to the debt ceiling, and to be frank that is not the only issue where the republicans thespian tendancies emerge! The republican party's  entire social mantra these days amounts to a theatre of the absurd( and No im not talking about sarah palin and donald trump here) and that has allways been the way with the republican party. Playing at being fiscally responsible, prentending to be taking the lead, acting like they are for you and me, when in fact all they do, all they have ever done, is soldier for and protect the hoarded wealth of the rich and corporate america!The champions of tax cuts for the rich, and tax breaks for weathy corporations, protectors of the status quo, that is the republican party, and for anyone to think or believe other wise is truly ABSURD! So it remains to be seen how well the act the republican are putting on about the debt celing will be recieved by a american public who thanks to paul ryan is waking up to the act that is being put on by the republicans on capitol hill! And in 2012 the republicans may be exiting stage left as fast as they entered in 2010!

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