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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holiday political barbecue

Sarah Palin may be running for president, thats a surprise? I hope she runs, because she will shake up the republicans who have been running away from her! And to those who keep saying she's dumb, I say shes no dumber than the rest of them! The womans been  a mayor and a gov. What are we saying that all Alaskans are stupid?(dont answer that!) Run Sarah Run! Shake up that old boy network! Thank God for Paul Ryan! He has single handledly handed  we democrats back the House in 2012! He needs to talk to Newt about the last outrageous document that was foisted on America By the republicans. What was it called Newt? Oh yes "the Contract with America"! Newt's still trying to live that one down! Why is the republican solution for everything the liquidation of resources IE: voucher programs? When the cash is gone so is the program, and America do you really trust these republicans to continue funding such"voucher programs when the money is gone? I dont think so! Keep up the great work Paul Ryan, we democrats really appreciate it! As far as Pakistan goes two words: F- Pakistan! Im not with president Bush on many things but i was with him 100 percent on this sentiment: Either youre with us or youre against us! And by harboring Bin laden for 10 years, while getting millions of dollars in foreign aid only proves where they stood! F-ck em! With friends like them who needs enemies? And as I close this political barbeque, let us take a moment this memorial day weekend to honor and remember the fallen, those who have given the ultimate to preserve this great way of life we enjoy every day! Thank you to the troops and those who fight and protect our freedom and America!

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  1. It would be interesting if the GOP ran Paul Ryan.
    Newt Gingrich is a laugh. Mitt Romney would alienate the "Bible Belt."

    Barack was way on it when he appeared on 60 Minutes. It's only when the "ACCESSORY PEOPLE" are around him (like the Bin Laden adventure) that things get all twisted...