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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leadership quality versu Political quanity

With the 2012 electorial cycle beginning, we will hear a lot about leadership and who has provided it or can provide it. But the fact of the matter is, who will be able to say whom has had leadership with quality? Leadership, true leadership that leads, leadership for the people, not leadership that has political agenda or politically quanitative aims. Since before he took Office, our curent president has faced exactly that. Leadership that had a specific political agenda and leadership that had quanitative political aims. Leadership that publically came out and said, and I quote" I hope he fails" So, given these unalienable facts, I for one, do hope that in this upcoming presidential electorial cycle, the american people see and show by their vote that they are for leadership that is of Political quality versus that leadership that is only concerned with political quanity! Because to be frank, it is political quanity that has driven the debate over the last four years, nothing of public quality. And in this electorial cycle America can take a giant step forward by, with their vote, saying enough is enough to those to whom things like birth certificates ,  rappers on guest lists, and having public options matter! Leadership quality or Political quanity which do you choose America?

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