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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big guns versus peashooters

The first so-called republican debate held thrusday evening was a breaking out of the pea-shooters as it pertains to presidential politics. Because to be frank not a one of those "candidates" have a snowballs chance in hell of becoming president, we know and they know it. But this debate is a signal to everyone in this nation that things are about to get very serious in America politically.A bruising battle is about to take place for the very future of America and some very big guns will be shooting off about it, so take NOTHING for granted america! Because the pea-shooters  of Thursday will soon be replaced by the big guns in the future, the Sarah Palins, the Mitt Rommneys, the John Mccains and many more, and they will be talking about no less than the future of your freedoms, the future of how you live in america, and about your health safety and welfare! So again take nothing for granted america, because if you do, you just might find it(that what you are taking for granted) GONE!!!

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