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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama's Middle east speech:the aftermath

It seems that all of the salient points and wise words the President issued forth on thursday were lost in the aftermath of his speech due to his assertions about israel and it's 1967 Borders( a task that, lets be frank, isgoing to be impossible to achieve. That would be akin to returning the Louisiana purchase to the french) And indeed, as we enter into this elctorial cycle, Im sure the presidents handlers are pulling out their hair by the roots wondering how to solidify their jewish support.( and after last evening when I saw something U never see in NYC , jews in times  square protesting about the issue) because this will be  major issue for same. The middle east is indeed at a turning point, but it could easily turn once again on this one issue, and why the president thrust this issue back into the forefront at this time I'll never know. Make no mistake, Israel must do better for Palestine, because that will do better for Israel in the long run. But the USA must not, and should not, join, in what has gone on for too long in the arab world, the scapegoating of israel and the using of the palestinian issue as a straw man. The full attention of the Arab world finally is where it should be, the last thing we should be doing right now is rediverting it away, as arab leaders and dictators and terrorists have done for far too long! I hope that the statements made by our president serve as a wake up call to Prime minister Netannyu, so that futher Israeli expansion stops, because that is the true reality and issue that must be addressed here. But it must also be understood that the way foreward to peace and a palestinian state in the middle east is forward, certainly not backward!

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