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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leadership and the Debt Ceiling (Go Hard Obama Go hard)

With the lines being drawn(partisanly of course)  it will be a question of leadership to see whether or not this matter is resolved positively or politically. Because simply put : It is a fact that ,under the leadership of the republicans , the massive debt that America languishes was created. It is a fact that, under the republican congress , all of the financial issues that plague the American people were created( does anybody still have the 300.00 dollars that Bush gave you back in 2001?)  So, to see the republicans posturing and presenting themselves as the stewards of financial and fiscal responsibility is simply ludicrous! Make no mistake, the only thing that is being stewarded here is the republicans hopes for control  and poltical victory in 2012.Now is the time for the dems to stand firm on a issue(FOR A CHANGE) Now is the time to call a spade a spade and to call politics politics, and if the USA defaults on its debt and is embarrassed internationally so be it.  Because the blame will lie where it should :on the architects of this disaster, the republicans. But this cannot be done without leadership. And it will take leadership on this issue for and from the democrats, leadership that is unflinching and unwavering. Barrack Obama just had a major victory with the success of his administration in getting the job done, in getting the mission accomplished by getting bin laden. But if he shows the proper leadership on this debt ceiling issue, this victory will essentially seal the deal.  So go hard mr president, go hard!

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