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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obama & the Middle east

As the president prepares to speak before the world tomorrow regarding American foreign Policy. One thing, whatever he says ,will remain clear, and that is the fact that America stands with freedom and those who seek it! With the Middle east having finally grown tired of the totalitarianism, greed, injustice and tyranny that has been part and parcel of the region for so long, It will be to the presidents credit as he highlights how that all that those who are fighting and standing up for from egypt to syria , is what America is all about! The opportunity for change is ripe in the middle east and it is to the presidents credit that he is reaching out to grasp the brass ring! And that Brass ring is the trust and acceptance of the arab world. And if the arab world can somhow,even a little, grasp that hey, maybe the USA isnt so bad after all,   then so much the better. It has been over ten years since the world was tilted on its axis by the madness of the middle east. Perhaps tomorrow President Obama can help to restore the world some of the balance it lost!

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