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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Like crabs in a barrel (the republican presidential field)

Like crabs in a barrel , the republican caididates are pulling each other down in a vain attempt to climb up to the top. And what was once a anybody but Obama race is fast becoming a anybody but Mitt Romney race! So what does it say of todays republicanism, when the only candidate they have who has a minute chance of garnering the across the board support republicans need to even contend is  the one they dont want? It shows that, like crabs in a barrel , todays republicans are out of control! Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, the republican party, in this suicide misson to defeat  Obama are discarding and alienating anyone abd everyone  and each other! Perry attacks, Romney, Huntsman attacks Perry, Rove attacks Palin, Crabs in a barrel plain and simple! And anyone who has ever seen crabs in a barrel knows that this approach only leads to the bottom of the barrel, never the top! But as the saying goes ,a leopard cant change its spots, and the republicans definately cant stop being crabs!

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