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Saturday, August 6, 2011

putting the buisness in the street!

Well I hope the Republicans are happy! because it is their political grandstanding and theatre that has lead us to this historic pass. the USA, the Leader of the free world has been downgraded before and in the eyes of the world, to double A status financially!

And now that this ignominity has fully set in, I wonder what is the next destructive thing that the republicans can do to this country in their tunnel vision , blind pursuit of power!? And the sad fact is that this could have been avoided , if a deal could have been quietly done! But the republicans ,who have seized on any and all chances to make much political ado out of nothings , by putting the buisness of America out in the political street, by airing publically america's financial dirty laundry, have by their actions diminshed american financial status and global prestige! So I hope that the Republicans are happy, because by putting american buisness out in the political street, they have gotten us into yet another fine mess!!!! Thank you very much Republican party!

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