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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WTH moments , JOBS and the coming showdown between Mitt & Rick!

Uh, when did Ronald Reagan become one of the two greatest president in modern history? Ronald Reagan was a nice guy and a great public figure, but he was no FDR! In these economic times there are only 2 presidents we need to be looking to, FDR who in the aftermath of the Great depression had the vision and foresight to create the New Deal, & Bill Clinton, who delivered the greatest economic & job expansion in modern history, as well as the only Budget surplus in modern history! That is the type of greatness America needs to aspire to in this hour of economic crisis! And speaking of Jobs, if President Obama can hold the line and the public spotlight on Jobs for the next 6 months he will be re-elected! But he is going to have to make the public see that Trickle down economic doesnt work! It's a recipe for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer! Tax cuts dont work, they dont create anything but richer rich people! Time to stop feeding the public the BS about the buisness climate and the buisness community! They are nothing but pigs who have been wallowing at the trough for too long!it's time   to butcher those hogs mr. president! And lastly as far as the coming showdown between Mitt Romney & Rick Perry goes, this must be a defining moment for Mitt. He must stake himself out as THE candidate, The viable candidate, the candidate who can win! He must remind people about His Mass. miracle, about his health care template, and how he should lead into the future! Because if he doesnt, the republicans and the media will dump him like they dumped Sarah Palin for Michelle Bachman! There is no tomorrow for Mitt. this debate is simply do or die!

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