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Friday, August 5, 2011

Putting the blame where it lies(instead of the lies)

I think it is a appalling shame how the republicans and the republican media continue to try to pin the blame for this economic disaster that we are in on the Obama Administration! Especially when the blame clearly lies with the republicans and all the policies they implemented and imposed in the last 13 years! It was the republicans who squandered the surplus handed them by the Clinton administration, it was the republicans who created unfunded mandate after unfunded mandate! It was the republicans who dragged us into a unnecessary war in Iraq! it was the republicans who issited upon tax cuts and deregulation! Clearly the economic blood is on republican hands, but yet, as they have allways done in the last 13 years, they have shifted the blame to everywhere but where it lies!  13 years ago, there was a assertation that there were weapons of mass destruction, well they have been found, theyre in the house of representitives and the tea party!!! How about putting the blame where it lies, instead of all the lies!!!

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