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Friday, August 26, 2011

the King Memorial (recognize & remember!)

AS the DR king memorial becomes a forever reality this sunday, We in america need to recognize how great a  American Dr king was, and remember what he stood for, fought for and died for!
 This man, this black man took America by the hand and dragged it, kicking and screaming out of the darkness of racism and discrimination! He forced America to see itself as it really was, and put it on the path to its own salvation! Because ,as we have seen throught history, a house divided cannot stand! DR King showed all America, what it could truly be, he showed them the way to the mountaintop, the path to the promised land!And while we have not taken any steps to get us closer to the promised land(despite what a deluded few may beleive) we do know the way! And America must never forget that whether or not we get to that promised land, where little white girls and black boys can play together unencumbered by the chains of racism and hatred, that it was Dr king who found the path, who opened the door, who showed us the way! He gave his all for his country ! He won our greatest victory. He changed America and truly made it the land of the free, the land of liberty! And Just as he towered over this land in life and word and deed, now should he do so allways in monument & memory! Thank you Dr king!

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