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Friday, August 19, 2011

Allen West and the new black Tokenism!

Allen West and his comments are but the latest in what has become a trend of tokenism for and in black politics! We have too many self-haters and sell outs in the black community rising to social prominence and media access via their willingness to become token symbols of " conservatism"!
Tokenism, and elitism has no place in the black community, especially since that community still continues to struggle under the policies and politics of "conservatism"! We dont need  negros feeding into the skewed and stereotypical views of many conservatives with their self-hate, because while you think you arent one of"those negros" it only takes a'teachable moment" for you to realize that you are! So to Allen West and all of those new black "conservatives" who have sold their soul in order to be shown favor in "Massa's" house, we are all still on the plantation sad to say,  and you are, without a doubt, the HOUSE NEGROS!!!!

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