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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bachman, the markets,Obama and why the republicans wont win!

Michelle Bachman took a bad shot and it was published, SO FREAKIN WHAT! Crazy is as does, it wasnt the picture that categorized her as crazy, it was her Ideals, statements ,actions and beliefs! So give Newsweek a break!The fact that she  is running for president is indeed Crazy, thats the real issue here! As far as the markets go, efforts of the republican party aside( and since they are the arichitects of all thise financial disaster and uncertianty, why are they trying to have a no confidence vote about the Sec of the treasury?) Physician's heal thyselves! As far as all the speculation on what the president Should or should not do, it doesnt matter, the republicans will be against it, even if its clearly a great Idea IE: Health Care! simply put As long as President Obama tries to run this nation from his cerebellum instead of from the heart, he will cotninue to have problems! he needs to embrace his inner Dick Cheney and at some time, and soon, tell the republicans to go f- themlseves, and do what he wants!!! Like it or not that is why Bush was re-elected, because when he told the UN to essentially go f themselves, he established that he was In charge, and Obama sorely needs that in- charge moment! But that aside, even with the continual foibles and issues against him, right now the reublicans dont have a chance of winning the white house in 2012, and here's why, Obama has allready ran and won a close race agaisnt the strongest of strong candidates Hillary Clinton, and aint noone in the republican Party Hillary Clinton! The race may be close, but Obama the man will trump any and all republicans who are currently in the race!

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