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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fire in the belly!!!

With his bold declaration that "I deserve another term" President Obam is showing FINALLY, that he has the gumption, indeed, the fire in the belly that it requires to secure another term! The President has worked very hard and, for much of his term, that work has gone unheralded, due to the all out politically motivated effort to unseat him. But ,with that one statement, the President has staked out a position and A question that all America must answer? Does he (the president) Indeed deserve another term? And if no, why not?! Becasue the answer to that question is one that will dictate the future in this nation and the world! The answer that the american public gives in its vote on Nov 6 2012 will dicate the coruse of sociology, economics, foregin relations and more! So I hope that, when answering that question, the american people are prepared to choose wisely and live with the consequences of their choice! Because make no mistake THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!!!

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