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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb 22 the brawl for it all(republican style!)

Next week in Arizona there will be a republican brawl in arizona as the republican candidates prepare once more to debate, and once more Both Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich are at the brink of disaster! The rise of Rick Santorum among conservatives has put Mitt once again on the defensive, and has put Newt ,once again, on the outs! Simply put, this debate may be a winner take all proposititon, and make no mistake, Santorum is going to take his licks. But as far as  Mitt romney is concerned, it better be a major licking!Because with the media continually greasing his pole and with the lemming mentality of conservatives, unless Rick Santorum is taken down and hard on Feb 22, Mitt may see his dream of the presidency, and the race of his life lost! As for Newt Gingrich this deabte will be his last stand. If he continues to place third and fourth his claim to relevance will fade fast, and his relevance cannot be maintianed battling Mitt Romney, because it is Santorum who is Pushing Newt out of the race! Feb 22, the brawl for it all in Arizona! And, for Mitt  and Newt ,the gloves better come off!!! Because Santorum is posied to run away with it!!!

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