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Friday, February 3, 2012

It aint over until the Republican concedes!!!(and a word about Susan G Komen)

With the news that, for the 5 straight month, the Jobless rate has declined in America, it can(and should be said) that Obama is succeeding as a president, as are his policies. But, since Obama is president, that will not be the case!!! And no matter the successes, no matter the facts, the truth is that the question, doubt ,and concern of many a American will not be settled until early Nov 2012. Simply put, it wont be over until the republican concedes!!!!! For while the Tea party has flashed in the pan, and while the policies of obstruction have backfired for the most part on the Republicans, they will not quit! They will not go away! They have come to far, and done too much to give up now! Everything, every policy , every action has led to this moment, and to be frank, the lessons of the past are there for us to learn from in regards to this! Al Gore was virtually a sure thing in 2000 , but look how that turned out! So, good news aside, facts aside, logic and reason aside, it must be understood by President Obama and all those who support and have a interest in his success, and that means everyone who isnt rich, or of color in America, that it aint over until the republican concedes on Nov 6 2012!!!! SO I hope that everyone who is concerned in this matter gets down in the trenches and works toward that goal!!! Because make no mistake the republicans will work overtime to "muck it up"!

And as far as the Komen foundation reversing its decision regarding planned parenthood goes, this is one more example of the harm that the class warfare waged by the republican party has done to America and Americans! Divide & conquer, simple stategics employed to perfection with the tool of social intimidation! I am so proud that Americans stepped up in the face of this travesty( and to be frank, you know you couldnt be more wrong when Bloomberg sides against you!!) and saved planned parenthood from being "dixie chicked"!!! Any blow against the mccarthyism of capitol hill republicans is a good blow and I hope it shows that you can  still in America stand up for your beliefs and for what's right !Bravo America!!!

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