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Monday, October 17, 2011

A evening With the Occupy Wall street movement

After rah, rahing, and huzzahing for far too long to the actions of the Occupy movement, I felt that it was time that I stepped forward and actually saw what the movement was all about. So yesterday, I went to a general assembly in Albany NY. to get a sense and feel of the movement!
 Let me say here, the people involved in Occupy Wall Street, if they are anything at all like who were assembled last evening in Albany, they make me proud to be a American, and it should make everyone feel the same! This is no tea party( a pox on you Eric Cantor!) These are no closet racists rising up in response to the premise of a black man in control of America! These are no political tools or puppets! These are people, young & old ,rising up and giving  the voice that current leaders arent using, these are people, young & old, addressing issues that the leadership isnt!  The occupy wall street movement is the voice of the people as one!And I love how they are doing all they can not to create leaders and such figures, figures that the media will focus and build strories around as they would very much like to do. Since the media is more about entertainment and less about information everyday! They are focusing on the issues at hand! The issues of unemployment, homlessness, education and such, and how disparities are somehow acceptable and status quo in this the richest nation in the world!! The occupy wall street movement is indeed democracy in action! Real democracy not the controlled BS that we have been fed everyday!!! It is a movement in the spirit of DR King, a movement for decency, a movement for humanity, a movement for justice, a movement for the people By the people! And it is something that hasnt been seen in this nation since the 60's!! And that is why so many of the people who were around in that time are being drawn back to it! The counter culture is alive and kicking, and the fact that it is youth standing up in conscious revolt, that is it youth speaking out against greed, intolerance, injustice and all the like should and does speak well for the future of this nation! So I can truly say that my evening with the Occupy wall street movement was a evening well spent, because something is stirring in America, and that something is CHANGE!!!!!POSITIVE CHANGE!!!!!

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