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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The counter culture lives!!!

It's the 60's redux on wall street as, with a resounding hello, the counter culture once again rises! And what better time than now, with a America awash in greed and corpulence, with a America filled with intolerance, and racism, with a America veering as far right as it can get!  It was only a matter of time before the counter -culture, the force responsible for such things as civil rights, unions, womens rights and so much more was awakened! And, as is allways the case, the 'establishment" has rushed to poo-pooh the efforts of these individuals, to castigize the Occupiers of Wall street as leaderless and without goal, even though that goal is omnipresent and clear. IT's the counter culture stupid!!! They are standing up(finally) against a culture and establishment in America that thinks its ok for 1 percent of Americans to have More gross wealth than the other 99 percent of Americans combined, they are standing up against greed and selfishness, they are standing up against racism and intolerance, they are demanding CHANGE!!! And given that I ask President Obama what are you waiting for? You want to galvanize the troops? Then you need to come out in support of this effort! The counter culture lives!! And America is better off for it!!!

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