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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Barbradying of the Occupy Movement

If you have ever watched the Tv series "South Park" then you have heard of the character "Officer Barbrady" who, in the middle of all the chaos that usually arises in South Park, admonishes the people to'move along, theres nothing to see here!" This is the stance that most leaders, politicans and media have taken towards the Occupy movement! And make no mistake this is a movement, A social movement, Not a political vehicle like the Tea Party! But while the route of silence and convienent blindness has been taken in response to the Occupy Movement, it continues to grow!It has spread nationwide and globally, and while people hope for it to simply go away, or be policed away it just aint happening people! The people have issue and they are speaking with one voice from Wall street in NYC to City hall in Oakland CA. Now the only question that  remains is when  will elected leadership get the message and begin to address the concerns that have clearly been expressed?! Because though  you may not want to see it America, though you may want to deny it America, though you hope it will simply go away America, this is a rising tide! A tide that will sweep away the status quo created by greed and the pursuit of same! Yes there is something to see here, and the people in the Occupy movement demand that you Look!!!And yes America the world is watching!!!

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