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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing favorities?( and a bit about Sarah Palin)

It seems that the media is playing favorites as this election cycyle progresses! There seems to be a concetrtedf effort by the media to turn the republican race for the Presidential nomination into a two person race, and there also seems to be a concerted effort to force Michelle Bachman out of the race! Why? Why isnt say, Herman Cain, or Ron Paul garnering the same negative attention as Ms. Bachmann? Now I am definately not a supporter, but I do support fair play and equal opportunity! And every day we are bombarded in the media of how her campaign is on its last legs and yada yada yada! News flash, media is to inform, not to shape opinion and it shouldnt be , by any stretch , trying to shape the presidential race for its(media) benefit! So stop trying to run Michelle Bachman out of the race news media! Be objective, not with a objective! because that is not fair play!

As for Sarah Palin three words: Run Sarah Run! Enough said!

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