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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greed & politics( the real reason why!)

The president & the democrats have invested Billions into this economy for both Buisness and everyday americans alike, yet nothing seems to be working! No jobs are being created and the so called job creators are saying that its because of the buisness climate. Well to that I say B-S!!!!
again I said that the president and the democrats invested Billions of dollars into this economy, Billions! Taxes have been cut to the bone. As has regulation, Buisness couldnt ask for a better enviorment than this! So why arent jobs being created by the Job creators? 2 reasons! One, of course, is that a successful economy will insure that Barrack Obama is re-elected and the 'Job creators/REPUBLICANS dont want that! And 2 :Its because that America is the only place where they(buisness) has to live and operate under law and regulation, and where unions and collective bargaining keeps the buisness -employee relationship on a level playing field(until recently anyway!)
Where Human rights and dignity must be accepted and respected, and where a living wage prevails! Its not that Obama and the democrats have failed on the economy, its that republicans dont want him to succeed, and that the rest of the world is so welcoming to what corprorate greed entails, that it is not advantageous for the corporate world to Bring Jobs back to America or create them here!

Until America gets tough on the corporate world and comes together with the international community to end or check the economic exploitation, the poverty that exists worldwide will worsen, as will the pollution, and the wars and the revolutions and for Americans the Unemployment! its that simple! Its all about greed and politics!

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