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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post Publican debate Analysis!

In the aftermath of the Republican debate last evening( And yes mr Gingrich, its a debate, where issues and records are debated, not a Rush Limbaugh fail Obama fail rally!) It was clear that the race for the republican nomination is still wide open. Rick Perry didnt live up to the hype, and indeed Mitt Romney cemented his front runner status. John Huntsman remains a stalking horse and Michelle Bachman is only a moment away from the spotlight! This nomination will be up for grabs until at least after the caucuses  for the above named, and the door remains open If Sarah Palin or a surprise candidacy Ie:  Jeb Bush or Chris Christie decides to enter! But despite what the hype , the media, and the 'so-called' experts might try to tell you, this race remains wide open and with a nation to run in, I dont see this field narrowing any time soon! so we continue down the campaign trail folks!

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