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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sarah Palin 2012 or never!!!

As Sarah Palin procrastinates and plays coy with whether or not she intends to run for president in 2012, I would say to her, that Sarah, its 2012 or never! If Sarah Palin gets in to the race for 2012, win or lose she automatically is in the hunt for 2016! She, by competing ,solidifies her political status among the republican party and conservatives. She, in effect, beomes LEGIT! But if she declines to run in 2012 then for all intents and purposes her political career, is over! And it will be a golden opportunity squandered! For Sarah Palin her situation has become Temple Grandinesque! She must summon up the courage to walk thru the open door, and yes into the eye of the Hurricane! Because if she does not, that door will be locked to her forever! The time has come Sarah, its now or never!!!!

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