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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fuzzy Math( the republicans & the fiscal cliff)

AS the political struggle continues in DC over the fiscal cliff, it is clear that the republicans, led this time by John Boehner are continuing the tradition of "Fuzzy Math" as it pertains to the  "balanced approach" towards cuts and "revenue"! The literal approach, as it is now being employed by the republicans, is hardly balanced! Indeed it is as unbalanced as the current distribution of wealth and income in America! It is a simple concept, those who have more should bear more, a simple and logical concept! But when you are dealing with the republican party of Modern times(POST REAGAN, because these republicans are as far away from Reagan republ;icans as you can get) Logic NEVER dictates!!! A balanced approach is not having the people in the middle and the bottom carry as much of the burden as those who are  on the top, a balanced approach is those who have the capability to bear more doing so, to ease and allievate the burden on those cannot afford to!!! THAT is a "balanced approach Speaker Boehner! THAT is what has been at the heart of this issue all along! And it is appalling and insulting to the intelligence of the American people that you would apply Literal  terms to this important negotiation! It is far past time for the republican party to end this continual defense of the rich as it pertains to the economic future and well being of this nation! So let's end the "Fuzzy Math" Speaker Boehner! Let's end the appalling and insulting posturing around your demands for a LITERAL "Balanced Approach! Becasue if you dont, if you continue to use every means necessary to protect the interests of the rich at the expense of the nation, You and your party, the Republican party will be responsible, you and noone else, for a major tax increase upon EVERY American!!! LITERALLY!!!!

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