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Monday, December 24, 2012

The results of Excess Giving( The Fiscal Cliff & Guns)

With the two major concerns of recent times currently holding firm at center court , those concerns being Gun control and the fiscal cliff, it is hoped that President Obama learns the lesson of excess giving as it pertains to both the Republicans and the Gun lobby! Because A scant few weeks ago, by taking a firm stance on the Fiscal cliff the ball was moving and it was moving in his(President Obama's) direction! But as soon as he(President Obama)began to give a little( in the interest of making the deal, which is to his credit) the republicans of congress, as they have done thought their recent history, seized the opportunity and once again began to try to take, A LOT! AS the myriad issues of concern begin to arise in the Second term of this president, he must learn that these republicans are not interested in doing whats right for the country ,or for politics! They dont care if All americans go over the fiscal cliff, they dont care if it was 200 children who were killed by a weapon that has no place in society! All they care about is the new republicanism and those who back those interests!! There can be no balanced and bi-partisan approach, there can be no excess giving, because the more you give Mr. president, the more they will take! SO while you may be, like santa, loathe to do it Mr. President, you must take and maintain your hardline stance! Because excess giving in to the republicans will only lead to excess taking by the republicans!!!!! And on the many importnt issues that are coming forward in your second term, the american people cannot afford the excess taking that your excess giving in to the republicans will create!!!

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