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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Moral Cliff( the republicans and Gun regulation)

AS the nation and the world reels from the horror of what took place in Newton Conn., it is time to pose the question to the republican party, which has stood  far too  long poised over a moral cliff so to speak, as it pertains to gun regulation! Have you no decency?!!! For too long the Republican party has manipulated their supporters to defend the corporate interests of the gun lobby, among others.Taking corporate concerns and spinning them into consitutional concerns and rights violations! But now, with the blood of 20 children, babies, still fresh on the ground in Newton Conn. The time has come to find out where the republican party's alliegences truly lie! It is time to see if the republican party can continue the immoral stance that they have taken for too long as it relates to gun control and regulation! And if they do, then they should be held in the same regard as the shooter who perpetrated this heinous act!!! The time for politics and the protection of corporate interests has now passed in the aftermath of this heinous act!!! We need a assault weapons ban in America and we need it now!!! We need stronger regulations of gun AND gun paraphanalia, and we need it now!!! Because the purchasing of such goods is and should be as big a red flag as the purchase of guns themselves!!! Simply put if we do not do this and now then not only have we failed the 20 children who were murdered in Newton Friday, but we have failed as a nation! Failed the test of morality!!! We stand at a moral cliff in America, let us see, if, yet again, the republican party will take us over that one into yet another abyss of corproate interests as well!!!

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