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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Image Vs Reality(the Fiscal Cliff)

AS the politicing continues regarding the Fiscal Cliff , I for one, believe that is is way past time to dispel the political imagery and address the stark reality here! The republicans continue to present the failed image to America that they are somehow THE stewards of the American dollar, even though they are the party that created this prediciment!!! And they continue to try to keep the American peoples involvement to a minimum( I mean can you Imagine the REPUBLICAN party making a call to the people about anything?) Simply put, the public rejected the premise of the republicans as guardians of financial austerity in America! So they (the republicans)need to drop the political act and image, because thats what it is a act and image!!! Simply put there are two ways to go about the addressing of the Fiscal cliff, there is the Republican way, which is akin to Jumping into a Ice cold pool, or the Democratic way, which is more akin to easing into a hot tub! We have the ways and the means, and despite all the political posturing from the republican party on this matter, It doesnt have to be addressed in a Major Ice cold shock!!!  Rome wasnt Built in a day, and neither was this debt, and it needs to be addressed in a gradual manner, like easing into a hot tub!!!! SO its time for the Republicans to abandon the political image and imagery of being the arbiters of austerity because it didnt sell in the just past election, and it isnt selling now!!! Ease into the hot water, not jump into the cold, THAT is the way to address this fiscal cliff and to continue to falsely posture  and push for
a cold shock republicans is a disservice to all americans!!!

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