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Friday, December 28, 2012

The petty and the political(the Fiscal cliff)

AS congress returns for last minute negotiations regarding the fiscal cliff, first let me say that President Obama , If necessary ,needs  to issue a exectuive order that protects the american people from the negative effects that will be created ,due to the continued petty politics that the republicans continue to engage in on capitol hill! America and Americans should not be made to suffer fiscal and personal harm due to the stubborness of one political party! This complete abandonment of responsibility by the house of representitives to the american people is both appalling and astounding!!! And the fact that it is being done in the interest of politics is unforgiveable!!! So while, due to the petty and the political, America may be going over the fiscal cliff, I call upon the president to use his executive privillege and power to do what must be done!
Take the lead President Obama!!!!! That is the only way at this point that the petty and the political will be cast aside!!!! And the only way that America's fiscal state can be secured at this point!

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