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Saturday, March 10, 2012

NY & Capitol HIll( no respect?)

With the lack of representation in the upper echelons of Captiol hill for quite a while ,we must wonder here in NY, if our NY lawmakers are getting the respect they deserve? Arent our leaders worthy of cabinet level consideration? Arent our former Govs worthy of presidential consideration? I for one, can say that Former Gov Pataki could have easily won the republican nomination  IF he had chose to run! It seems that modern washington has a issue with NY politicans, something that stems back from the Mario Coumo days( another Gov who should have been offered a cabinet position but wasnt)  NY leads the world and You'd think that the leaders of NY would be called upon to serve!   That is something that whomever has the presidential seat in 2012 should consider! And in 2016 It may be indeed time for NY to contend!

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