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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Political Potpourri

In the Political stewpot today: I ,for one, am hoping that President Obama does address the Gas price issue before it becomes a issue! Action will speak far louder than words for the president in this election cycle! Rush Limbaugh has gotten away with murder for far too long! He must go, and Bill Maher lost cool points for trying to defend him. Bill, A douche is a douche! They keep trying to get someone who can beat Mitt, how about someone who can actually run in the general election? face facts republicans, Mitt is the only candidate who even approaches sanity in your field! The republicans have fed their radical monster everything and now they themselves are the only thing left in the pantry. and they are tasting good! Game Change is on tonight, who'd have thought a wink and a smile would have carried the hockey mom from Wasila so far?!Occupy Wall St is broke? Good, Perhaps they can actually get back to being a movement! Well, thats enough of a stew for today!

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