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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Post primary analysis!!

In the aftermath of Tuesday's  republican primaries, it is clear that in the rush to create fodder for the media and the grist mill, the facts are sorely lacking! This primary process for all the hype to the contrary is not about Conservatism and whether or not Mitt Romney can win in conservative states , it is the very true and real fact of if the presumptive repubpican nominee can win in NON conservative states, states that  will be key to the election!  The fact of the matter is , while Rick Santorum has won enough to stay alive, he has yet to win, in a battleground state or swing state! Winning in a conservative state , in a evangelistic state that should be easy for any republican, but winning in non conservative states or evangelistic states that is the trick and the question that anyan all of the republican candidates must answer, both now and the fall, and the only one who has done this is in fact, Mitt Romney. So In fact, the results of the last evening of voting only continue to prove , in unbiased and unmediaed eyes, that Mitt Romney is indeed the front runner and  unless Rick Santorum can prove otherwise, with wins in non conservative states, the presumptive nominee!

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