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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Romneys Last stand(the debates)

With the public being underwhelmed by the Republican convention, and with the Democrats having perhaps the greatest convention of all time, and the subsequent boost vaulting the Obama Campaign into the first real lead poll wise of this campaign, it can be said that ,For Mitt Romney, the Debates that are set to begin Oct 3, will be for the Romney Campaign, and for Mitt Romneys dreams of being president, the last stand!!! And it is kind  of  sad that it has come to this, because the Original Mitt Romney, the Romney that was generally percieved as a Republican moderate Prior to the Republican primaries, could have won this election handily!But, unfortunately for him, he was pushed to the extreme by the red meat conservatives and Rick Santorum, into becoming  a complete mockery of himself! If Mitt Romney is to have any chance of winning this election, he must somehow, during the debates, convince America that the Real Mitt Romney is not the caricature that has been created by the extreme conservatives! Because the simple fact, something that continues to elude said conservatives, is that Mitt Romney is running for President of the United States, not President of the Conservatives!!! And as long as Moderation remains a dirty word among the republicans they, and Mitt have no chance of winning this election! This is something that George W Bush knew actutely, and that is why he won two terms, because, say what you might about the man, he maintained his moderate status!!! SO simply put,As Mitt Prepares to make his last stand, he must somehow find a way to take the lead, somehow find a way to be presidential, somehow find the way back to moderation! Or he will watch a dream so nearly in his grasp once again slip away!!!

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