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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lead from behind(the real reason why Mitt is losing!)

As everyone tries to assess why the Romney campaign is suddenly falling behind in the polls, the answer is quite simple, and Ironic in its premise! The reason, the REAL reason why Mitt is falling behind in the polls, is due to something that the republicans have relentlessly accused the president of doing! Romney is falling behind due to the fact that, in this entire election season, he(Romney) has essentially been lead from behind By the conservatives and conservatism! From dealing with Rick santorum in the primairies up until now, debate eve, Mitt has had to follow the dictates of the conservatives and conservatism, morphing from Mitt the moderate into Mitt the staunch conservative! And this change, this being lead from behind, may well have cost him his presidential dream!!! Mitt sacrificed himself and his public and political integrity in order to secure the presidental nomination! And as he reminices on what might have been in the future, I think the old saying will say it best"to thine own self be true"!!!
Because the only thing worse than leading from behind is: Being lead from behind!

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