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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Antionette!

This latest furor surrounding the ever conservative comments and positions of the Romney campaign only reflects why Republicans cant make any inroads with anyone but white men!
The "Let them eat cake" nature of the commentary made by Mr. Romney is what most people belive is par for the course as it pertains to the republicans and Mr. Romney, and this video all but confirms it! Now, as a person of intelligence and reason, I understand what Mitt was trying to say and why he said it, but it is that very "why" and the wherefor of same that make the comments such a incendiary issue! For you see, Mr Romney , and the choir he was preaching to in that video, have ,thru no fault of their own I might add, a VERY myopic view of America, A view from the top! And the Myopia there, Like Marie Antionette before him, doesnt allow  him(Romney) to see, and it doesnt allow those republicans who symphathise with such views to relate to the reality of " WHY!" Because for Romney and the republicans its so simple, and so cut and dried. Becauase for the rich, the powerful, for the ELITE, America works!!!But they need to somehow find a way to see that  while America works and functions for those ELITE, for most Americans it doesnt, and those people for whom it doesnt work they are indeed ENTITLED to a gov that works for them! It alters between being sad and being outrageous that people are so blind as this! That they fail to understand or relate to the problems and issues of this nation, and it is such a" let them eat cake" attitude that renders them unfit to lead! And now Mitt has cemented his status as "one of THEM" Not smart at all!
I agree with Mr. Romney what he said was not indeed "elegant"at all. It clearly smacked of class warfare, and unless in the next Month , Mitt finds a way to connect with the 47 percent of
people he just in effect cut off, the only "cake" he will be eating on election day will be humble pie!

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