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Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC review day 2 and analysis

And the pounding continues! Day 2 of the DNC continued to resemble the famous beating that George Foreman Put on Smoking Joe(RIP) with speakers like Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren(next time drink it all in Lizzie!) and of course THE president, former President Bill Clinton tearing into the republicans! To think that if the democrats were motivated and galvanized like this in 2010, the TEA party wouldnt be the danger to America that they now are! And what can be said, that hasnt been about Bill Clinton?! He was at his best last evening! Factually solid and speaking from great experience! And How big is he  , of all people, talking about not hating, even those who tried to destroy him and his family all for the sake of political power?! So many telling points were made last evening,  and it should be clear, to even the most jaded and partisan republican, that the Democrats will no longer be passive on the issues, passive in the media, and passive in the voting booth!!! This convention may have awoken a sleeping giant, and that giant is the democratic base!!! But the fact is , this has all been a buildup to the BIG show, the main event, the acceptance speeches of VP Biden & President Barrack Obama! And with the many events going on across America tonight, it can be safe to say that this one will be the biggest!!! I will of, course review and give a final analysis of the DNC tomorrow so until then, Mr President, the stage is yours!!!!!!

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