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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC day 1 analysis & review

In boxing there is one sure way to win without dispute, its by knockout! And while last evenings opening ceremony at the DNC wasnt a  knockout punch to the republicans, it was clearly a "Down goes Frazier" moment"!!!! Speakers like Corey Booker, Lilly Ledbetter, Gov Deval Patrick, Keynoter Julian Castro, and of course, the FLOTUS ,Michelle Obama Gave the democratic party  a explosive and high energy opening to their convention!A opening so powerful that even Fox News( the network that I am watching the convention on), was speechless! As soon as one good speaker left, another came out, and after a while it was plain to see that the dems were fired up and ready to go! Touching stories like Lilly Ledbetter's and Tammy Duckworths, fired up political oratory like Cory Booker and Deval Patrick, and a stellar Keynote speech from Julian Castro rendered the republican convention a faded memory and then the First lady came out and closed the show!!!! Hitting as hard as George Foreman with both her beauty and her words, the democrats couldnt have asked for a better night than last night! And with Bill Clinton set to speak this evening, setting up President Obama to accept the Partys nomination thursday night The republicans are indeed on the political ropes facing a convention knockout! See you tomorrow with Day 2 of the DNC review!

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