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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stumbling across the finish Line?! And other political thoughts!

AS Mitt Romney continues to stumble and fumble his way along in the presidential race, it would not be wise for anyone to count this race over until, as I said a long time ago,"until the concession speech is made" Because Mitt has that peculiar ability to, in this election cycle , allways wind up on top of the most blatant of gaffes or foibles! Combine that with a suspect electorate, and the marshalled forces of extreme republicanism and media and, for all his(Romneys) warts, we still are in a tight and serious race! So I advise the Obama campaign and those who have the most to lose from A Romney victory to stay focused and on point! Because Mitt Romney could virtually stumble across the finish line into the presidency!

AS far as the Chinese and Middle Eastern issues go, they share a common thread: Arrogance, and a overstated sense of self! Its clear from the death to america riots in the middle east and the confrontations China is initatating throught Asia: IE: Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, that Both the Chinese and the Muslim world have read too many of their own headlines, or as we say in America, they are beginning to believe their own hype! And that Arrogance of course is leading to unrest! You cannot live a a world of arrogance, and whether you are choosing to reignite ancient asian feuds, or relive the crusades its way past time for both the Chinese and the Muslim world to get a grip!

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