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Saturday, September 29, 2012

the Brawl for it all!(debate pre analysis)

AS the Obama & Romney camps prepare for the brawl for it all on weds night it will all come down to who recovers the best from the inevitable knockdown that will take place! For while Both candidates are ex tremely vunerable to political potshots, Mitt Romney must face the prospect that in this debate , if he is not extremely careful in the agressive pursuit he must take, he could be knocked right out of contention! But he must be the agressor in this debate, which opens the door for President Obama. The Obama campaign ,like a good counter puncher, has to be thinking wait for it, wait for it, wait for it! But while the president is wating for the monumental shot that WILL come in that first debate, he need to protect himself as well, because a well placed shot By Mr. Romney could change things quickly in the fickle, self serving media that we have today! So, simply put, on weds, we have a debate people!! Perhaps the first real presidential debate in a long while! And it is a debate that all America will be watching! To your corners people, and come out fighting!!!

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