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Monday, October 1, 2012

Partisan Politics and foreign policy!!!

I wonder when will we learn that, when it comes to our image problem as it pertains to our foreign policy, our greatest enemy is ourselves!!! Ourselves and the relentless partisan politics that we wage regarding same(foreign policy!)!! How can we truly fight a war on terror or Illegal immigration when every time we take a step on the path it is weighed down by partisan politics?! If partisan politics has its way every misttep is grounds for resignation and every mistake is gross incompetance! Except of course 9/11/01 and the Iraq war, the silence  has been and continues to be deafening from congressmen like Peter King on those miscues! This pot meeting kettleism aside, I think its long overdue for politicans to stop playing partisan politics when it comes to Foreign Policy! Because we embarass ourselves in the eyes of the world , and our enemies when we do!

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